Battle Grappling unofficially started in 2016 out of a smoker show at Bellingham MMA called Battle At Bellingham. we decided to rebrand the show and go to just grappling matches and Battle Grappling was Born. We are an all levels Grappling show, featuring local grapplers in the PNW from beginners to pro-level grappling. We feature matches in Gi jiujitsu, No-Gi jiujitsu, Wrestling, Sambo and Judo.


WE USE EDDIE BRAVO SUBMISSION INVItational RULESEt, we wanted to reduce a judging influence from the decision.

All Gi Matches follow IBJJF rules for allowed techniques, but will still be sub-only.

Kids: 6 minute match, 1 OT, no leg locks, spinal locks

Teens: 8 minute match, 1 OT, straight Achilles, no spinal locks


Beginner: 8 min, 1 OT, straight Achilles, no spinal locks

Intermediate: 8 min, 1 OT, straight Achilles, straight toe hold, knee bar, no spinal locks

Advanced: 8 minutes (10 for titles), 1 OT (3 OT for titles), all subs legal

Our show is by invitation first, and secondly features athletes from Beginner to Pro-level, most of our matches will represent athletes from the PNW. If you'd like to be considered, pease fill out an application as we are not able to respond to all inquiries. THE NEXT SHOW IS OCTOBER 24th 2020.

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