Head Coach and Owner

Coach Hunter has been practicing martial arts for over 15 years and is a current professional athlete in MMA and Jiu Jitsu. He has a purple belt in jiu jitsu under his coach Landon Showalter through Zenith jiu jitsu owned by Rodrigo Cavaca and Robert Drysdale as well as a Blue belt in Sambo under Scott Sonnen. He has trained with and continues to work with Landon Showalter, Jeremy Saunders and Charles Pearson.

  • Current Pro-fighter with over 30 fights over 15 years

  • Currently active grappler with recent competitions at Evolve Fight Night Tournment, GsubX, Finishers Mid-West , Fight2WIN and is the 2019 WA State NAGA Belt Bantam Expert Title Holder.


Womens Jiu-Jitsu Instructor

Penny McMahon has been competing in MMA, Kickboxing and Jiu Jitsu since 2015. Penny runs our women's jiu jitsu every Saturday which is open and free to all women in our community!

  • Evolve Fight Night Jiu Jitsu Winner

  • Gsubx Gold Metalist Gi and No-Gi 

  • AMMY MMA 0-3 and KB 4-1


Jiu-Jitsu Instructor

Austin Daffron, Brown Belt through Kindred Jiu Jitsu under PNW based black belt Kyle McCutchen. Austin is an active jiu jitsu competitor and MMA fighter. He has recently become well-known on the jiu-jitsu national scene and has trained with Aaron Milam, Ivan Salverry, Keith Krikorian and Nathan Orchard.

  • 2019 Ultimate Mat Warrior

  • 2019 SUB SPECTRUM runner up

  • 2018 1# Ranked Revolution Featherweight

  • ​2018 125 Finishers Champion 

  • 2018 No-GI Summit Champion

  • 2017 Ax Fight Night Champion 

  • Amateur MMA record of 4-0



Lara is the other owner of the gym, she maintains our websites, graphics, social media, designs all gear and merchandise. She also researches and handles fighter matchmaking with Hunter.

Her favorite move is a Gator roll.

  • 2019 NAGA Sliver Medalist No-GI


Our Address:

2694 Roeder Ave STE 101 

Bellingham WA 98225

We offer a free trial, contact for details!